ZwLUG - The Zimbabwe Linux User Group

ZwLUG Lettering (Transparent wording with National Flag as colouring)


The Zimbabwe Linux User Group (i.e. ZwLUG) was established in December 2001 with the founding and primary aim to advocate, educate and support the use of Linux and other Open Source Software initiatives within the country of Zimbabwe.

Primary tools (kindly provided by Sourceforge) were this community website and a general discussion mailing list

Due to various factors administration of both the website and mailist were mis-placed or lost sometime during June 2002.

Although the website turned into a cobweb with its last ever update in May 2002, in the true spirit of resilience that is as Zimbabwean as sadza, the mailing list continued to grow, at one stage with more than 120 members, 25 of them actively posting.

This period of anarchy continued for just over two years until during the latter half of 2004 the zwlug-general mail-list would became the soap-box from where the message or reformation started being preached and the Zimbabwe Open Source Society started coming into being.

On 2 February 2005 at 4pm Zimbabwe time the ZOSS administration was announced after an official electoral process under leadership of incoming ZOSS president, Mr Moses Marimo ... Unofficially, this meant that the informal ZwLUG had been superceded by a formalised, encompassing body.

The Zimbabweans and other members of the informal ZwLUG, in it's own unique way had matured, expanded and grew into Zimbabwe Open Source Society, and although broadening the focus from "Linux and other Open Source Software" to "Open Source Software, of which Linux is a key stake-holder" the progress and change is a true embodiment of the spirit of Free and Open Software ...

... quite by accident a backdoor to the administration passwords was stumbled upon by a founding member of ZwLUG in late May 2005, by which time the passion and spirit of ZwLUG and it's mailing list had been fully breathed into ZOSS.

The story of Open Source in Zimbabwe continues however and the Zimbabwe Open Source Society also fell away somewhere between 2007 and 2010 and from it's ashes (as with many LUG's and OSS's during the latter half of the first decade of the 21st century) interest rose and grew in Ubuntu as spearhead of all things Open Source and Linux.

With it's roots in Africa it was expected that growth would be seen in
Ubuntu Zimbabwe LoCo (Local Community) which is growing and thriving with the same spunk as was seen in the early stages of ZwLUG, and then grow into ZOSS and now is maturing in Ubuntu ZW Loco.

We can look back at this project with pride as a startling example of the courage, resilience and ingenuity during a time where leadership was either missing or frail, but the people of Zimbabwe LUG persevered faithfully and continue to do so ...

Yours for the 'cause of Open Source

Roy Verrips
Founding member ZwLUG

I stand here looking at her, all grown up
'twas only yesterday I saw her take those first steps,
me helping her along as much I could,
trying to get her standing on her own two feet.

Then as she grew, so could no longer have me by her side;
We had to part, but we knew we'd see each again someday.

While I was away she gained knowledge, made friends,
 while we grew apart, and the ties that bound us grew weak,
and eventually broke ...

I trusted, waited, knowing I'd someday hear news from her again,
and then ...

She's changed her name, a formal ceremony, a happy day!
Oh how I wish I could've been there,
Oh how I regret not keeping in touch.

But Oh, looking at her now, how she's grown,
and the fine creation she's become;
What can I do but be proud of her,
my lil' girl all grown up now! *sniff*

rverrips ~30th May 2005